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  • MS has low life expectancy

Fact: MS has a normal life expectancy, which means that the expected lifetime of an MS patient is close to that of a person without MS or any other disease.


  • You will need a wheelchair

Fact: According to studies the majority of MS patients will never need a wheelchair or any other assistive device to move around.


  • MS patients should avoid going to the gym

Fact: According to several studies exercising has several benefits for people with MS, as long as they do it carefully and do not surpass their limits.  The best exercises for MS are: aerobics, swimming, yoga and other balancing activities.


  • Women with MS cannot get pregnant

Fact: According to studies pregnancy can be a good thing for women with MS. Studies have also found that pregnancy can lower the risk for ever developing MS.


  • Only old people can get MS

Fact: MS is not a disease of aging. Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50. MS can be developed at any age, it can also develop in children.


  • Everyone with MS has the same symptoms and results

Fact: According to studies almost every case of MS is different. People can have different symptoms and different levels of pain or disability. The course of MS is often unpredictable.


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