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Immunology Tree

Our Philosophy | Excellence in Clinical Research

IMMUNOe’s unique research and treatment philosophy not only 
provides superior research outcomes, but also offers treatment
options that address both the symptoms and the genesis of
immune-related conditions. We focus on the role of the immune system in the development of diseases.

IMMUNOe recognizes the influence of environmental factors on
the immune system. These factors, once having affected the
immune system, manifest themselves as a variety of conditions
that cannot be effectively addressed or understood without
assessing the root of the cause.

Our efficient and caring clinical model engages patients and
medical professionals as partners in treatment and discovery.
Individualized care plans are designed and crafted to fit each
patient’s needs and goals. With over 25 years of research success,
the IMMUNOe team provides exceptional results in both clinical research and treatment facets.

IMMUNOe has partnered with key leaders and decision makers in a
variety of research-related fields.  These strategic partnerships
have allowed us to incorporate the latest therapies in our clinical
trials, thus achieving a renowned and internationally recognized
standard of excellence in the treatment and research of the
immune system.

Our focus is the role of the immune system in development of
neurological diseases, allergies and asthma, dermatological
diseases, gastrointestinal and psychiatric diseases/conditions.