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photo courtesy of stockimages/

Developers and researchers alike hope that a new mobile phone app could improve the way we manage and treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD).

The Icahn School of Medicine and the National Jewish Health Respiratory Institute at Mount Sinai teamed up with LifeMap Solutions to build COPD Navigator, a clinician-patient interactive platform that tracks the disease’s progression.

COPD Navigator can record patients’ daily respiratory symptoms, as well as medication regime and treatment adherence. Users may opt to share their health data with physicians in real-time, engendering greater communication between patients and their doctors.  Moreover, the app will configure the patients’ health data points into a comprehensive graph of their health history. The app can even send alerts about air pollution levels and extreme weather, helping COPD patients avoid potential triggers.

COPD Navigator is compliant with Apple HealthKit and connects via Bluetooth to a ‘smart inhaler,’ allowing the app to determine frequency of inhaler usage.

“We’ve worked with the LifeMap team to help them design an app that leverages evidence-based care guidelines, behavioral science, and patient data to deliver personalized information with the purpose of achieving better outcomes at lower costs,” said Charles Powell, CEO of the Respiratory Institute.

Mobile health tools like COPD Navigator are growing more and more popular by the day. A recent study found that 86 percent of physician respondents believe health apps will help educate patients about conditions.

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