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Cold sores tend to pop up when you least want them, like before a big presentation or interview. Unfortunately, since stress is a major trigger for cold sores, worrying about them may only aggravate the problem. Here is how to cover that cold sore up, so you can go about your day stress-free.Using concealer

It is not a good idea to put makeup on the site of a cold sore until it has partially healed. Since cold sores often blister and secrete fluid in their initial stages, makeup only draws attention to the problem. Concealer may even make the infection worse.

Once a cold sore has begun to scab over, use a highly concentrated concealer, preferably with a creamy texture. If there is a lot of redness in the area, think of using two different shades: one a yellow-base to cover up the redness and another that matches your skin tone. Do not overdo it; just a little concealer can do wonders. Follow these steps to best conceal a cold sore:

  1. Use a makeup sponge to dab the yellow concealer onto the cold sore.
  2. Dust this layer of yellow concealer with a very small amount of finishing powder.
  3. Dab on the concealer that matches your skin tone, using a stipple motion.
  4. Add one last round of finishing powder.

Make sure that you do not contaminate your cosmetics by placing used sponges or brushes into the containers. If you do, your cold sores could come back the next time you put on makeup.

Healing cold sores faster

Numbness or burning around the mouth can be warning signs of a coming cold sore. Sometimes taking medication at this early stage can prevent blistering and get rid of the cold sore faster. Talk to your doctor about prescription antiviral medications that fight cold sores.

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