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At IMMUNOe, we are committed to treating- and understanding – the full spectrum of immune and immune-related diseases and disorders. We believe that there is a link between Autism and the Immune System.

  • The gut and the immune system are playing a role in the pathogenesis of Autism.
  • One of the hypothesis being tested are the defects in digestion.
  • We look at the “gut-brain” connection.
  • Because the immune system communicates with the nervous system, allergic triggers such as environment, food and genetics, activate the immune system and cause inflammation.

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Curemark Autism Study

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At IMMUNOe Health & research Centers, the health and well-being of our patients is our highest priority.

Why does IMMUNOe focus on the immune system?

  • We have seen a continuous rise in allergic, immune related, auto-immune related and neuro-immune related diseases.
  • Autism in a growing epidemic, and there is currently no drug to treat the core symptoms.


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