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Pensive child looking through a windowAt IMMUNOe, we are committed to treating  and understanding – the full spectrum of immune and immune-related diseases and disorders. We believe that there is a link between Autism and the Immune System.

We’re now enrolling patients for the ROCHE aViation Study.

To date, no medications have been approved to treat ASD’s core symptoms. So we’re looking for children and adolescents with ‘high-functioning’ ASD to join the aViation study. The aViation study will test an investigational medicine that blocks a hormone receptor in the brain that is linked to the control of socialization, stress, anxiety and aggression.

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Check out the Roche aV1ation website HERE to learn more!

We’ll be asking if the investigational study drug can improve social behavior and communication in children and adolescents who:

  • Have ASD
  • Are 5-to-17 years old
  • Are ‘high-functioning’ (for this study, that means an IQ of at least 70)

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