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Clinical studies help find potential new treatments for conditions like Endometriosis. There is an important medical and scientific need for the development of therapies for this indication.

At IMMUNOe Health & Research Centers, the health and well-being of our patients is our highest priority.

Why does IMMUNOe focus on the immune system?

IMMUNOe believes that there’s a link between diseases and the Immune System

  • Because the immune system communicated with the nervous system, allergic triggers such as the environment, food and genetics, activate the immune system and cause inflammation.

That is why we are committed to treating – and understanding – the full spectrum of immune and immune-related diseases and disorders.

Clinical Research studies contribute to the overall progress in understanding and treating diseases. Be involved, Stay involved, Participate! Clinical Research is important for all of us!

Have you been diagnosed with Endometriosis?

IMMUNOe Research Centers is looking for volunteers to participate in a new study to test the efficacy of a new investigational medication that targets specific female hormones, and could help women with Endometriosis manage their pain symptoms.

You may qualify to participate if:

  • Generally healthy women age 18-45
  • Must have had a surgical diagnosis of pelvic endometriosis within the last 10 years
  • Suffering from moderate-to-severe endometriosis associated pain
  • No medical history of bone disease

Help Advance medical knowledge of this indication, which could benefit you and women who may suffer from this condition in the future.

ObsEva Endometriosis Study

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