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At IMMUNOe Health & Research Centers, the health and well-being of our patients is our highest priority.

We understand that a strong immune system is vital to good health!

Why does IMMUNOe focus on the immune system?

  • We have seen a continuous rise in allergic, immune related, auto-immune related and neuro-immune related diseases.
  • PID in a growing epidemic
  • Because the immune system communicated with the nervous system, allergic triggers such as the environment, food and genetics, activate the immune system and cause inflammation, which may present itself as Primary Immune Deficiencies.

That is why we are committed to treating – and understanding – the full spectrum of immune and immune-related diseases and disorders.

We are currently seeking participants for different Primary Immune Deficiency studies.
Have you been diagnosed with PID?
You may be the PERFECT FIT for a clinical trial!

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