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Courtesy of: bing images

Courtesy of: bing images


Although diabetes and holidays may seem hard to combine, there are ways you can manage them both. Giving your self time to plan and complete your holiday tasks, making wise food choices, and being aware of your limits, are some of the best steps that can help manage your diabetes during these holidays.

Here are some tips that can help you control and manage your diabetes over the holidays:

  • Know your numbers: There are several apps and other programs available that provide information about the carbohydrate counts for common holiday foods, ingredients and recipes. Keeping track of the carbohydrates you consume can help you adjust your insulin levels. Also, be sure to take blood sugar tests often, especially after drinking alcohol.
  • Check the weather: Experts say that cold weather lowers our blood flow, which means your insulin can act more slowly. On the contrary, heat speeds up blood flow as well as insulin acts. Make sure to keep your insulin supplies safe from temperature extremes.
  • Keep moving: Holidays may be all about relaxation, however, you should try to limit your lounge time to 90 minutes at a time. Try standing up and walking around the house every hour or so, as this can also help your blood rotation. Additionally, consider including some exercise in your holiday plans.

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