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Source: Picjumbo

Source: Picjumbo

IMMUNOe is currently involved in a number of studies that we believe with have a profound impact on medicine – and healthcare – of the future. One of the subjects of special interest to us is the increased presentation of asthma in the senior population. If you or a loved one, are approaching your later years, there are some facts that you need to know:

  1. Statistics confirm that asthma is on the rise among the elderly.
  2. When a senior has asthma, the condition is typically more severe.
  3. Seniors frequently show no response to traditional asthma therapies.
  4. On average, the asthma that presents in the elderly has less of an ‘allergy component’ than that found in younger individuals.
  5. There is a significant immune system involvement associated with later-years asthma.

At IMMUNOe Research Centers, we designed the various research programs we are now conducting to help us understand and treat this very serious condition, and to help improve the lives of our most senior citizens.

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