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Courtesy of: /by KEKO64

Courtesy of: /by KEKO64


International cuisines offer many different recipes, ingredients and cooking methods that could replace your repetitive nutrition habits. But which meals are diabetic- friendly and which ones should you avoid?

Here are some diabetes-friendly meals that you can find in two of the most popular cuisines around the world:

Italian Cuisine

Italian food is a part of the famous and healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Some of the most common ingredients in Italian food are oils, cheeses, salads, breaded meats, pasta and of course, thick-crusted pizza.

Here are some tips for cooking or ordering an Italian meal:

  • Try spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles instead of pasta
  • Choose a homemade or freshly made marinara instead of Alfredo or cream sauce
  • Instead of flour crust use grated cauliflower made crust instead
  • Ask for a grilled meat or fish instead of cooked dishes

Mexican Cuisine

The most important ingredients used in Mexican cuisine include lean meats, beans, avocado, fish, vegetables and red sauces. Although all these materials seem healthy, you should be careful for other sources of carbohydrates that can be a part of the meal, such as rice and corn tortillas.

Here are some tips for cooking or ordering a Mexican meal:

  • Choose bean tortillas instead of the regular ones
  • Order salads with veggies and beans
  • Ask for lean meats or fish, and for a small side serving of guacamole, avocado or fajita seasoned vegetables
  • Flavor your food with extra salsa for a low carbohydrate and calorie option

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