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Coping with Your Loved Ones With Asthma

by admin

About 25 million Americans face the challenge of living with asthma, as do those who love them. Family members worry, feel stressed and have many questions. If you are living with someone with asthma, there are number of things you can do to make life easier for him or her and for yourself. Be Fami …

Healthy Habits to Reduce Your Migraines

by admin

Try out these lifestyle changes to help lessen your risk of getting a migraine, especially if you are prone to them: Eat Regularly: If you suffer from migraines, you are most likely sensitive to the effects of low blood sugar. That means you shouldn’t skip a meal and should try to eat at least ev …

Migraines and Children

by admin

Adults are not the only ones who must manage migraines. Many children get migraines as well, and they might be linked in some way to behavior disorders in children. A recent study, on children and migraine headaches, found that children with migraines have a significantly higher risk of behavior di …