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When living with multiple sclerosis (MS), managing your symptoms does require a proactive approach in your medical care, as well as in the way you approach life. MS does not have to be the only focus in your life. People living with MS have families, careers and a variety of hobbies. Remaining positive is key. Here are some ways to positively influence your perceptions of living with MS:

  • Work With Your Doctor: Your doctor is your best connection for resources, MS treatment, and support. Be sure to find a doctor that you are comfortable working with. You must be comfortable to freely reach out and speak with your doctor when you notice your symptoms change or new symptoms arise.
  • Get Educated: Knowledge is power and it is a powerful tool for living with MS as well as keeping a positive outlook on life. Stay up-to-date on new MS treatments, medications, current studies and facts.
  • Take a Break: It is impossible to be able to control everything in your life. Set realistic expectations for yourself and take time to enjoy yourself and laugh at yourself when something doesn’t go the way you want it to.
  • Take Charge of MS Flares: By knowing what to expect during any flares, you can help to relieve some of the stress of living with MS. Not all exacerbations require treatment, so be aware when you should contact your doctor to minimize these interruptions to your daily life.
  • Get the 411 on Wheelchairs: If you have MS, you won’t necessarily need to have a wheelchair. If you do need a wheelchair though, you will still be able to live the life you want; you just might need to make a few adjustments. With planning and a positive attitude, a wheelchair could offer you the ability to continue with the lifestyle you want to lead.
  • Join the MS Community: Being part of a MS community will allow you to find the support you need and understanding from those who are experiencing what you are experiencing. This support will help to improve your positive outlook on life.

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