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IMMUNOe Research Centers is researching an investigational medication to find the best dosing levels for kids with persistent asthma.

Why are we doing this clinical research study?

This research study will see if certain doses of an investigational medication are an effective way to control childhood asthma.

Who is this clinical research study for?

We’re looking to recruit children who:

  • Are 4-11 years old
  • Have been diagnosed with persistent asthma
  • Haven’t had any asthma attacks for at least 30 days
  • Are otherwise healthy

What happens during this clinical research study?

  • The TEVA Childhood Asthma Study lasts between 15 to 17 weeks.
  • Eight study visits will take place.
  • Children will be assigned to one of four groups and either will receive an investigational medication or a placebo.
  • Children will take one breath of investigational medication or placebo through an inhaler, twice daily, every 12 hours; a second inhaler will be provided to replace current rescue medication.

What are the benefits?

  • Applicable compensation will be provided for time and travel
  • No-cost study-related care from doctors
  • No-cost study medication

Why participate in a clinical research study?

Clinical research results help shape the future of medicine. By asking specific questions, such research studies help find and test:

  • New ways to diagnose illnesses
  • New medications and devices
  • New uses for existing medications and devices

Additionally, all study-related visits, test, and study medication will be provided to participants at no cost.

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